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MySQL Control Center

The MySQL Control Center is a GUI client for accessing MySQL databases. It provides the ability to easily create databases, add, edit, and delete tables, and execute queries. MySQL Control Center is covered under the GPL and supports both Windows and Linux. MySQL Control Center can be downloaded from The following table summarizes MySQL, and Figure 8.6 shows the Control Center running under Windows.
To install the Control Center in Windows, download the binary distribution for Windows, which comes as a .zip file, and unzip it into a temporary directory. Run the setup program to complete the installation.

Figure 8.6 The MySQL Control Center.

To install the Control Center in Linux, download the Linux version of the binary distribution. This comes as a compressed .tar archive. From the command prompt, move to the directory that you wish to install the software into, for example /usr/local, and then de-archive the distribution file.

tar -zxvf $HOME/download/mysqlcc-<version>-<os>-glibc23.tar.gz

This creates a directory named mysqlcc-version-os with the software installed. We want to provide a simple link to access the program.

ln -s mysqlcc-version-os mysqlcc

You should now be able to run the program using the command:


Remember that this is a graphical program, and you must be running an X Windows-based GUI to use it.