Java Tutorial - Java Scipt : Adding XML Security

Java Tutorial - Java Scipt :

Adding XML Security

You’ll notice that the XML Security module is not installed. The XML Security module adds support for the XML Signatures and XML Encryption standards

Let’s go ahead and install that because we’ll be covering it later in this chapter. To do so, go to the XML Security page ( and follow the instructions to download the current distribution. At the
time of writing, this is After it is downloaded, extract the distribution. Then, simply copy the build/xmlsec.jar into the WEB-INF/libs file with the other library .jar files.

On Windows, the command is:

copy build\xmlsec.jar %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\libs

On Linux, the command is:

cp build/xmlsec.jar $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/libs

Restart Tomcat, and check happyaxis.jsp again. XML Security should be available now.