Java Tutorial - Java Scipt : Integration and Testing

Java Tutorial - Java Scipt :

Integration and Testing

Okay, now that you’ve had the basic tour of the JBoss application server and its JBossMQ parts, let’s try to get some Java code to work with the JBossMQ JMS service. In this section, we’ll be testing JMS usage from all areas of the
J2EE framework, from standalone clients to MDBs, and thereby show how they can be used within a J2EE architecture. We’ll perform the following chores in the following sections:

1. We’ll first build an EAR containing our MDBs.
2. Next, we’ll add a stateless session bean and show how we can improve response time and scalability by using MDBs to queue off expensive operations.
3. Finally, we’ll build a standalone Java client that will interact with our MDBs via JMS.

 For more information on JMS, check out the JMS Tutorial available from Sun’s Web site at index.html.