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JMS Providers

Many different JMS providers exist and each has a unique set of trade-offs. There are freely available open source JMS providers such as JBossMQ, JORAM, OpenJMS, and UberMQ. There are also commercial JMS providers such as IBM’s WebSphere MQ, Swift MQ, and FioranoMQ. For those applications that need to interoperate with existing MOM, commercial providers may be your only choice. For example, FioranoMQ can interoperate with Microsoft’s MSMQ. By coding against the JMS API, you minimize the costs of switching JMS providers. For example, you could use an open source JMS provider in development and then switch to an MQ-series provider for the final deployment. It’s also a boon in benchmarking because you can test your application against a variety of JMS providers and find the best choice for your needs.