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kXML is an excellent XML parser for limited Java environments, such as a Java applet or a J2ME client. Most of the other XML tools are meant to be used either on the server side or within the desktop environment. It would be nice to have the same XML data formats even when communicating with smaller clients. These clients typically have access to fewer resources and may not even have the full Java API available. kXML is designed to meet these requirements. While not as full-featured as the other tools, just having the ability to work with XML is a great boon. The following table gives a summary of kXML.

The kXML parser uses the pull model of XML parsing. The pull model of parsing defers retrieval of XML elements until they are referenced. The model has proven to be very easy to use and ideal for limited environments. While not as widely known as SAX or DOM, the XML pull model is standardized via the Common API for XML Pull Parsing (XmlPull). More information on the standard is available at Naturally, kXML complies with the XmlPull standard.