Java Tutorial - Java Scipt : Directory Structure

Java Tutorial - Java Scipt :

Directory Structure

It is helpful to have a predefined directory structure when starting on any project involving EJB development. The directory structure we used when developing this software is provided here as a reference.

DIRECTORY                                                                                    WHAT IT CONTAINS
/chapter13/.                                                                                        Serves as the base directory for all files and
                                                                                                            subdirectories. The ant build.xml, the test client,                                 
                                                                                                            and the final deployment .jar file are all in this                                                                                  .                                                                                                           directory. All other subdirectories are below this  
./com/oldfriends.                                                                               The base for all packages in the project.
./com/oldfriends/entity.                                                                    All entity beans and their interfaces.
./com/oldfriends/session.                                                                  All session beans and their interfaces.
./com/oldfriends/dto                                                                          Data transfer objects or value beans.
./com/oldfriends/utils.                                                                       Utility classes.
./etc.                                                                                                     Deployment descriptors.
./sql.                                                                                                     SQL scripts.