Java Tutorial - Java Scipt : Supporting User Profiles

Java Tutorial - Java Scipt :

Supporting User Profiles

The first part of the example that we will explore is adding information about the users to the system. A user profile is an object that provides information about the user of the system. Most systems have some sort of user profile
object, but that object is normally customized either for the system or for the needs of the enterprise. The primary functions that our user profile system needs to support are:

·         Adding a new user
·         Finding an existing user
·         Editing an existing user

We also want to maintain the following information about each user:

·         First name
·         Last name
·         Middle initial
·         Maiden name
·         Graduating class
·         Login ID
·         Password
·         Email address

If we were creating more than just a sample application, we might also want to collect address, phone number, and other information about the user, but in this case, we want to make the examples simple enough for easy understanding. Because adding these attributes do not significantly change what we are trying to illustrate, we will ignore them here.